Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Elementary Russian: Сегодня 31/VIII в кабинете! Today in the Lab, August 31... DO THIS FIRST!

Eat these soft French buns and drink some tea! (That's all the letters in the Russian alphabet... probably the shortest iteration, like our "Quick brown fox"...)

Добро пожаловать в лингафонную общину!! 

Welcome to the Language Lab! 

Every lab begins with individual, computer work--watching videos, listening to recordings, etc. Scroll through this page (DOWN!!) and make sure you've see all the relevant announcements...

Make sure you have a lab worksheet before you start! 

You have four short exercises. It should take you 15 minutes. Get the worksheet checked by a tutor or an instructor, and ask questions!!!

Be sure to keep this worksheet, as it will be included in the Portfolio for Unit 1! 

Worksheet stuff... 

Today, listen to Числительные (Numerals)... Прослушайте! Ех А, Б, В. These are the exercises on your lab worksheet, starting with the exercise ""You will now learn numbers..." Finished? Закончили? А теперь... And now, Listen to the list of PRIZES! and check off the ones named...

When you're finished, join us at the tables! Давайте посидим, поработаем! We'll work a bit on your пропись, your handwriting... Now is the time to ask for extra help, if you need it. 


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