Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Сегодня в лингафонной общине... Unit 8, Week 3

Во-первых... Couple big events later this week! Важные события на этой неделе... 

А теперь.. за работу, товарищи! To work, comrades! Start off with the контрольная. On the back, there's some familiar information about soft consonants. Remember how the system works: There are two vowel graphemes for each vowel sound. Half the Russian vowel graphemes indicate softness in the preceding consonants (я е ё ю и), and half indicate hardness. Hardness is the "default"--lacking other indication, assume that the consonant is pronounced hard. (Don't forget the мягкий знак, the soft sign.) 

Most of the consonants that precede these the "soft-inducing" vowels  (and ь) are palatalized, pronounced by engaging the palate, the roof of your mouth behind your dental ridge. 

We've been working on this phonetic effect all semester. The exercises tell you to listen to the recording and mark the soft consonants; of course, y'all are smart, and you don't need the recording--find the "soft vowels" and you'll know the consonants that precede them are palatalized! 

So, look through the dialogues, mark the soft consonants with an apostrophe. Then, listen to exercise 08-06 and 08-03, and check your work. (8-03 at 1m55s and 8-06 5m15s... sorry, the recording isn't broken up properly; just move the button to the right second in the recording.) 

Pay attention to the recording, listening carefully for the soft consonants. We'll practice these tomorrow in class. 

Then, пожалуйста, к столу! Come to the tables and let's work a bit more on the dative case... 

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