Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ресторан в Москве

If your looking for tasty and inexpensive Russian food, Moscow has a list of quality places to try out.

Mu-Mu Cafe

This is a very popular self serve cafe that offers a wide selection of entrees. A total of six locations allows you to find one near by whenever the mood strikes. A standard meal costs about $5, whereas a more extravagant one runs you closer to $10.

Pushkin Cafe

This is a more high end restaurant but the reviews include "best meal ever" and "my favorite restaurant in town". Meals run $50 per person, but the food, service, atmosphere and environment cause it to be well worth it.

Drova Restaurant

This is very similar to Mu-Mu but a little bit more expensive. With over 55 meals to choose from, there is always somthing new to try. In Moscow there are four locations to pick from.

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