Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Russify your computer!

A video on working with Russian on your computer. 

Russian for Gringos (check for links at the top of the Gringos page for other platforms). This keyboard is ASDF АСДФ--homophonic. You want the letter "n" in Russian, you hit the "n" key on your keyboard and н appears on your screen. See the keyboard map below. Good for editing documents, writing emails, etc. 

Google Input Tools, which is probably the easiest way to type in Russian if you're on "another" computer and connected to the web. It's homophonic like Gringos, and has the "word guess" algorithm (see below). As a bonus, built-in spell check!

Google Transliterate IME is a small, resident, input software package for Windows and Android that lets you use the Google Transliterate technology in other Windows programs like Word. You can use either this program, or Gringos, to Russify your computer...