Sunday, September 24, 2017

Russian Imperial Tea Party

Hey everyone! Please come join us for Russian Imperial Tea on Wednesday at 7.30 pm at the SPREES house. Cultural credit will also available for everyone who wants it (I forgot to put it on the poster, whoops!)

ALSO, Russian club now has an Instagram. Feel free to follow us @stetsonurussianclub and look there for photos from meeting and announcements for future events.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Elementary Russian: Extra Lab Дополнительная лабораторная 20 сентября 2017 September 20, 2017

Two events this week you might be interested in:
1) Georgian Cooking Club

Join us in Allen Hall at 4pm on Thursday to make, eat, and discuss Georgian dishes. This week we're exploring a couple basic building blocks of Georgian food, mchadi (cornmeal cakes) and matsoni (buttermilk). Using just two ingredients, corn and milk, Dr. Denner will try to demonstrate the global, multi-ethnic and evolving nature of Georgian cuisine. You MUST SIGN UP and you MUST ATTEND if you sign up. Free food! 

THE STUDY ABROAD SESSION has been rescheduled for this Friday September 22 at 11:00 am @SPREES. "You'll learn about the practicalities of study abroad, you'll hear from your professors about why you should go, but most importantly, you'll hear from your friends and colleagues who have taken the leap. Can't wait to see you there!"

ДОБРЫЙ ДЕНЬ! Сегодня двадцатое сентября. Today is the 20th of September.

Get a lab handout first!

1. Сначала do ДВА listening exercises in your хэндаут, check off the names you hear:

2. Теперь let's review cursive. Do A-23 and A-24 in your хэндаут

3. Грамматика:
Listen to Oral Drill 3 and write the last 5 sentences in your хэндаут

4. И наконец (and finally...) read the vkontakte profile and answer the questions


Here's a LINK to your PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT for Алфавит и глава 1. And here's a link to the ORAL PERFORMANCE guidelines. And, finally, a LINK to the signup sheet for the ORAL PERFORMANCE next Thursday. Please sign up in pairs! Please let us know if these links are not operable! You've already received the assignments in paper copy last week... These are just courtesy links to online copies for your convenience! 

Monday, September 18, 2017


THE STUDY ABROAD SESSION will take place on Friday September 22 at 11:00 am @SPREES. "You'll learn about the practicalities of study abroad, you'll hear from your professors about why you should go, but most importantly, you'll hear from your friends and colleagues who have taken the leap. Can't wait to see you there!"

Today, we'll discover the world of Винни-Пух по-русски...

Давайте посмотрим мультфильм про Винни-Пуха.

1.  Watch the episode about the weather and the bees
2. Listen to all the three songs from this episode here (00:00-1:40) and get ready to sing your favorite one out of those three songs in class :)
3. Answer the questions in Russian (see the handout)

Давайте поработаем в парах:

4. Read the text about Винни-Пух (вторая страница в хэндауте) and answer the questions in Russian.

Давайте вспомним ПАДЕЖИ:

5. Fill in the blanks (that is a part of your portfolio, which is due next Thursday)


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN: Сегодня в кабинете! Today in the lab... (Unit 1 Week 2 of classes... Numbers and reduction)

Здравствуйте, студенты! Сегодня шестое сентября. Today is the sixth of September. 

The Study Abroad Session is postponed. Stay tuned!

 One of the central goals of our program is to get you to LEAVE!

 We want you to fly away and immerse yourself in Russian, or encounter a different culture on an everyday level. Study abroad! For so many of us, it was the transformative experience that set us on the path we are on today.
So: COME ON OUT in the SPREES house (the date TBA). You’ll learn about the practicalities of study abroad, you’ll hear from your professors about why you should go, but most importantly, you’ll hear from your friends and colleagues who have taken the leap. Can’t wait to see you!

In any order. All relevant links below. 

Grab a LL хендаут! 

Wait wait wait... Сначала! First: Go LIKE us on Facebook! Поставьте нам ЛАЙК ЛАЙК! Заходите! Stop by! 
You'll find useful information on internships, events at Stetson, and news about the world of SPREES there. 

1) Work with me or the tutor on vowel reduction (on your LL handout). The rule: Generally speaking, you pronounce the grapheme O when it's NOT under stress as /ah/ (that's the "pure" /a/ sound, like the first vowel in the word "automobile"). 

So the word хорошО is pronounced /kharashO/. 

Yes, there are more complicated systems of reduction, but if you only ever reduced the o to /a/ when not under the stress mark, then you'd sound like a Russian. Good enough! 

2) At a station, listen to & start learning the cardinal numerals 11-20. The numbers (Числительные) exercise is on the LL handout. If you're feeling confident, try to write the numbers out in words, not figures! (Links are below.) 
11 Одиннадцать 
12 Двенадцать 
13 Тринадцать 
14 Четырнадцать 
15 Пятнадцать 
16 Шестнадцать 
17 Семнадцать 
18 Восемнадцать 
19 Девятнадцать 
20 Двадцать 

Listen to the Числительные (Numbers) exercise here. Write down the numbers you hear here

3) While there at the station, listen to the three “разговоры” (conversations) and answer the questions. (Links below.) Don't worry that you cannot understand everything!!! Get used to it. Just jot down the responses, to the best of your ability, directly on the LL handout wherever there's room next to the corresponding questions. Remember: We listen to a lot of Russian in this class to train your ear. How can we train your ear if we only listening to stuff you understand? 

Listen to the разговоры here: 

4) With a partner (or me! Or the tutor!) read the Доброе утро dialogue on the LL handout. Get some feedback on your pronunciation.
This should all take you around 60 minutes. 


SECOND YEAR... Сегодня в кабинете... Гиперлинки на записи, задания... 6ое сентября 2017 Unit 1 week 2

Привет! Сначала, напишите маленький тест! Take your grammar quiz... 

Возьмите хендаут! Get a handout!

OK... Давайте послушаем! Two SHORT listening exercises о погоде в Москве и о погоде в Петербурге. Listen to these forecasts (just half of the recording) и ответьте на пару вопросов... Answer a couple of questions on the worksheet... (That's 1-50 and 1-51 on the handout.)

Go to the tables, и поработаем! And let's work a bit. First, I'd like you and a partner to choose any dialogue and read it aloud... let me or the tutors listen! 

Then there are a couple brief grammar exercises. 
1) The first involves the first-person imperative (Let's!) The point here is that the "shortcut" to such commands is to use the PERFECTIVE form of the first-plural (мы)... Поработаем! Let's work a bit. Поговорим! Let's have a talk. See, no need for the Давайте (Let's) imperative... But you COULD say Давайате поговорим! Давайте поработаем! It's just that you don't HAVE to say "let's" in these commands. Просто как репа! Simple like turnip!

2) The second exercise trains your use of the preposition к + датильный падеж (dative). The combo means "go to someone's house": Куда ты ходил? Я ходил к Давиду. Wheredya go? I went to David's house.

Try and translate this meme... It's funny!


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Elementary Russian: Сегодня 31/VIII в кабинете! Today in the Lab, August 30... DO THIS FIRST!

Eat these soft French buns and drink some tea! (That's all the letters in the Russian alphabet... probably the shortest iteration, like our "Quick brown fox"...)

Добро пожаловать в лингафонную общину!! 

Welcome to the Language Lab! 

Every lab begins with individual, computer work--watching videos, listening to recordings, etc. Scroll through this page (DOWN!!) and make sure you've see all the relevant announcements...

Make sure you have a lab worksheet before you start! 

You have four short exercises. It should take you 15 minutes. Get the worksheet checked by a tutor or an instructor, and ask questions!!!

Be sure to keep this worksheet, as it will be included in the Portfolio for Unit 1! 

Worksheet stuff... 

Today, listen to Числительные (Numerals)... Прослушайте! Ех А, Б, В. These are the exercises on your lab worksheet, starting with the exercise ""You will now learn numbers..." Finished? Закончили? А теперь... And now, Listen to the list of PRIZES! and check off the ones named...

When you're finished, join us at the tables! Давайте посидим, поработаем! We'll work a bit on your пропись, your handwriting... Now is the time to ask for extra help, if you need it.  Here's a series of videos detailing the correct (but not the only way!) to make your буквы (letters)...


Second Year Russian: Числительные, безличные выражения... 30го августа 2017

Лингафонный кабинет. Сегодня 30го августа. Добро пожаловать в лингафонный кабинет!

Do you have a lab worksheet? Есть у вас раздаточная карточка? 


First listen to the numbers in their inflected, genitive form.

Линк на слушание (Numbers in Genitive), А. и Б.

You'll hear выше (higher), ниже (lower), около (about), от (from) до (up to)... These words demand the genitive case of the nouns that follow them. Around five=Около пяти́. (That's the genitive form of the cardinal number five.)

Here are some more genitive forms of numbers...

Oколо ноля (around zero), одного (one), двух (two), трёх (three), четырёх, тридцати́, двадцати́, семи́, тридцати́ пяти́.... It's frustrating that they give you no explanations... But just remember, you're hearing the genitive form of numbers...

Around thirty=Около традцати́. Higher than 18=Выше восемьна́дцати. Lower than 2=ниже двух. (Двух is the genitive form of два, two...)

On your handout, jot down the numbers you hear in Б. Now do the telephone numbers.

Вот... Поняли? Don't get bogged down here with the inflected forms. Part of the point is that you can understand the meaning ("around 5") without understanding the underlying grammar.

Что такое безличное выражения? What's an impersonal expression? At the tables, we'll use them! It's how you say "I'm cold!" Мне холодно!
  1. Impersonal sentences in Russian are sentences that don't have a grammatical subject.
  2. In English, impersonal sentences have a grammatical subject, but not a logical one:
              It is very cold in January. 
    The subject, it, in this sentence does not refer to anything or anyone in particular. 
  3. Russian often uses an adverb as the predicate in impersonal constructions:          Здесь холодно. It is cold here          Завтра будет тепло. It will be warm tomorrow.

Russian often uses impersonal construction when describing how a person feels. The person IF EXPRESSED in such constructions will be in the dative case:
  • Мне холодно здесьI feel cold. (Compare the sentence Здесь холодно.)
  • Сергею там было интересно. It was interesting for Sergej there.
  • Наташе здесь будет холодно. Natasha will feel cold here.

Dative Case памятка... 

You'll need to recall the dative forms of the personal pronouns..

Dative CaseМнеТебеЕмуЕйЕму
Dative CaseНамВамИм

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Чудовищная русская пропись!

Русские прописные буквы.... Вот это да!
"Dearest Misha has deprived the lady-millionaire of lilies!"
Милейший Миша лишил лилии миллионершу... 

If you're having trouble with a particular letter, check out these YouTube videos... They're pretty good!

Monday, August 28, 2017

(Kind of) learn to read Russian in 15 minutes!

This cartoon introduces you to the letters in the Russian alphabet, a subset of Cyrillic. It's pretty good... it has a lot of terminological problems, and some outright errors, but as a pragmatic and quick guide to learning the letters, it gets the job done. Enjoy!

It continues here...