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From Wikipedia...
In Slavic folklore, the Firebird (RussianЖар-пти́цаZhar-ptitsaUkrainianЖар-пти́цяZhar-pticaSerbo-Croatian: Жар-птица or Žar-ptica; BulgarianЖар-птицаZhar-ptitsa;MacedonianЖар-птицаŽar-pticaPolishŻar-ptakCzechPták OhnivákSlovakVták OhnivákHungarianTűzmadár) is a magical glowing bird from a faraway land, which is both a blessing and a bringer of doom to its captor.
The Firebird is described as a large bird with majestic plumage that glows brightly emitting red, orange, and yellow light, like a bonfire that is just past the turbulent flame. The feathers do not cease glowing if removed, and one feather can light a large room if not concealed. In later iconography, the form of the Firebird is usually that of a smallish fire-colored peacock, complete with a crest on its head and tail feathers with glowing "eyes".

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Сегодня 27/VIII в кабинете! Today in the Lab, August 27... DO THIS FIRST!

Добро пожаловать! Welcome to the Language Lab! Every lab begins with individual, computer work--watching videos, listening to recordings, etc.

Make sure you have a lab worksheet before you start! You have four short exercises. It should take you 15 minutes. Let me check the worksheet, and ask me any questions. Be sure to keep this worksheet, as it will be included in the Portfolio for Unit 1! 

Today, listen to Числительные (Numerals)... Прослушайте! Ех А, Б, В. These are the exercises on your lab worksheet, starting with the exercise ""You will now learn numbers..." Finished? Закончили? А теперь... And now, Listen to the list of PRIZES! and check off the ones named...

When you're finished, join us at the tables! Давайте посидим, поработаем! We'll work a bit on your пропись, your handwriting... The sample above says "Сьешь же ещё этих мягких французских булок да выпей чаю!" "Eat now these French rolls and drink some tea!" It uses all the letters of the alphabet...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cursive Russian alphabet.... Пропись

These two videos from Master Russian cover how to execute the cursive versions of all 33 letters in the Russian alphabet... It's slow, but thorough... If any letter is giving you trouble, just skip ahead to the right place in the videos... Enjoy!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Russify your computer!

A video on working with Russian on your computer. 

Russian for Gringos (check for links at the top of the Gringos page for other platforms). This keyboard is ASDF АСДФ--homophonic. You want the letter "n" in Russian, you hit the "n" key on your keyboard and н appears on your screen. See the keyboard map below. Good for editing documents, writing emails, etc. 

Google Input Tools, which is probably the easiest way to type in Russian if you're on "another" computer and connected to the web. It's homophonic like Gringos, and has the "word guess" algorithm (see below). As a bonus, built-in spell check!

Google Transliterate IME is a small, resident, input software package for Windows and Android that lets you use the Google Transliterate technology in other Windows programs like Word. You can use either this program, or Gringos, to Russify your computer... 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

С возвращением!

Welcome, and welcome back, students!
Студенты! С возвращением! или... Добро пожаловать!

Important dates for Elementary Russian 101, Fall 2014

Add these to your календарь!

  • Alphabet and Phonetic quiz (word recognition): August 28, 2014.
  • Vocabulary Quiz (based on ex. 1-11 in your textbook): September 3, 2014.
  • First Portfolio: September 16, 2014.

Some useful resources for learning the Russian alphabet...

Here are some resources for learning the Russian alphabet and the first couple of units of Голоса.  
  • list (in Word (.doc) format) of Russian sight words—these are calques from and homophones of English. (Not all the words are from English—some are words that both Russian and English borrowed from other sources, like Greek, Latin and German.) You received a copy of this list in class. Here's the same list, written out in cursive, if you'd like to practice your cursive!
  • recording (mp3, your browser should just play it) of me, reading the words above. I’ve slowed down the recording a bit so that you’re better able to hear my pronunciation of individual phonemes.
  • If you like flashcards, has a set dedicated to learning the алфавит (alphabet). 
  • creepy version of the Russian alphabet from IKEA (the number one foreign investor in Russia!). In fact, the Russians don’t NEED an alphabet song, and no one sings it and no one teaches it to kids. It’s a phonetic alphabet—there aren’t really standardized names for the letters, as there must be in English. (How else would we explain how to spell our crazy words???)
  • The Golosa site, where you can listen to recordings of many of the exercises from the Алфавит (Alphabet) section.
  • For those of you who want to perfect your Russian cursive (пропись), some “worksheets” that I concocted (in .doc format).
  • And, while I’m at it, a link to the Golosa cards on FlashcardExchange website, where you can find all your work done for you…
  • A first-year student рекомендует this video to learn your ABCs...