Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете... 4/II/2015

Доброе утро, ребята! Сегодня будем говорить о чле́нах семьи́, то есть, мама, папа, сын, дочь...

Во-первых... First, spend a little time with Memrise. Spend 10 minutes quizzing yourself on the Семья и профессии. Ten minutes should be about 1000 points. Let me know what you think!

А теперь...
Прослушайте разговоры и ответьте на вопросы. Listen to the conversations below, and answer the questions. Yeah, they're hard, but read the titles, and listen for key words, read the questions in advance (!!!), and you should have no trouble answering these factual questions. Ask the репетиторы (tutors) if you have problems.

Jot down the answers on the back of the Lab хэндаут.

Разговоры: 1 2 3

Oh, and I mentioned the "long walk" I took a few years ago through the Russian countryside... You can read that article here, if you're interested. 

When you've finished... пожалуйста, к столу! Come to the table! (That's a joke... к столу is how Russians announce that dinner's on! "Come and eat at the table!") 

Ваше задание на мини-сочинение! Your mini-composition... Choose a family member and write me his or her biography... Pretend you have a photograph, so you'll start.. "This is my dad. His name is..." Some of the questions you should address: How old is he? Where was he born? Where did he grow up? What does he do now? Where does he work? 

The mini-composition, as always, is due at the start of next week. 

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