Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN УРОК 7 Unit 7 Week 1 Неделя 1 Elementary Russian Lab (3-14-2018)

Доброе утро, ребята! Сегодня будем говорить о чле́нах семьи́, то есть, мама, папа, сын, дочь...

Вытянет ручки. У-ух, потягушки! 
Коску откинет, привстанет она
И из кроватки, как мышка к окошку: 
Солнышко, солшнышко. Скоро весна?

Скоро весна? Is it going to be spring soon? Doesn't feel that way outside right now... 

Во-первых... First, spend a little time with Memrise. There are two sections on next week's контрольная, the vocabulary quiz:

1) Members of the family and professions. (Easy list!) 
2) Phrases from the dialogues

Spend 10 minutes quizzing yourself on the Семья и профессии. 

This material will be on your quiz NEXT WEDNESDAY! 

А теперь...

Прослушайте разговоры и ответьте на вопросы. Listen to the conversations below, and answer the questions. Yeah, they're hard, but read the titles, and listen for key words, read the questions in advance (!!!), and you should have no trouble answering these factual questions. Ask the репетиторы (tutors) if you have problems.

Jot down the answers on the back of the Lab хэндаут.

Разговоры: 1 2 3

When you've finished... пожалуйста, к столу! Come to the table! (That's a joke... к столу is how Russians announce that dinner's on! "Come and eat at the table!") You'll read a dialogue and answer a few questions. Easy. Просто!

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