Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN УРОК 7 Unit 7 Week 2 Неделя 1 Elementary Russian Lab (3-21-2018)

Здравствуйте, дорогие студенты! Сегодня двацатое марта (20-III-18). 

Добро пожаловать!

Either you agree with me, or you are wrong. Совсем не так!

Во-первых... Сдавайте контрольную! Take your quiz! Тогда... Давайте послушаем! Then, do the following short listening exercise.

Let's have a listen to this recording of your host brother's description of his family. Listen a couple times, then answer the questions below on the back of your quiz. Then... put it in your portfolio...

  1. How many people are in the family?
  2. Who are they?
  3. What’s the father’s name, and what does he do?
  4. What’s the mother do? 
  5. Who is Nikolai? 
  6. He’s a student… can you catch the name of the university? Where is it located? What does he study? What language does Nikolai speak? 
  7. Who is Masha? What does she love? Is she young or old? 
  8. What is the name of the person who wrote the letter?
For the grammar quiz next week, check formation of the genitive plural and the plurals of family members. Hey, remember! Adding material to our Memrise class will gain you extra Memrise points AND credit towards the "extra" work in your portfolio!

Now, CHECK OUT this COOL PREZI we made on the formation of the genitive plural. Look through it, and... садитесь за столы и поработаем вместе! Grab a chair and let's work on Russian! We're going to work on expressing age differences and formation/usage of the genitive plural. 

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