Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN УРОК 8 Unit 8 Week 2 Неделя 2 Elementary Russian Lab (4-11-2018)

Универмаг “Московский” — современный торговый центр.

The building above is called УНИВЕРМАГ МОСКОВСКИЙ... "The Moscow Department Store." 

Only it's in St. Petersburg... see the letters on the building in the background?  С А Н К Т  П Е Т Е Р Б У Р Г. 


Сегодня 11-ое апреля. Today is April 11.

Добрый день, ребята? Вы готовы поработать? Будьте готовы! 


Окей... Во-первых... Напишите тест! Take your vocabulary quiz. (10 minutes)

OK, готовы? Ready? Get a lab handout. Возьмите хендаут!  

Listen to the recording at least three times. It's corny. There's a new mall! Let's find out what's inside! First, look at the "useful words" on your handout, and the pictures. What are you listening for? What items are pictured? Make sure you understand what each item means (детская куртка...). Now, read the 5 questions (a-e). 

Now, listen to the recording. First time, just relax and listen for words you know. Second time, listen actively for the information sought and indicate where (what floor) each item at the top of handout is located.

Third time, listen carefully and try to understand the recording, and jot down the answers for the questions a through e in the space provided on your handout. The whole thing should take NO MORE than 20 minutes. 

Come to the tables for 15 minutes of one-on-one work. 

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