Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is Georgia the new Hungarian Revolution?

To further expound upon what Chris said, it is very interesting to see the similarities between the invasion of Georgia and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. In 1956 a revolt against Soviet control of Hungary enused, led by Imre Nagy, in an attempt to give more freedoms to the people and remove "the shackles of tyranny". In response to this revolt diplomatic talks were left to a minimum between Nagy and the Soviet government. Instead the revolt ended with the red army sending in a complete tank division and marching through the city killing all opposition. With Russia's recent moves of moving tank divisions closer to the Georgian border and still having troops stationed in South Ossettia, the possibility still exists for a similar conclusion to this event. While at the moment is does not seem to be escalating to that degree, who knows what will occur in the near future. Russia is wary about letting in aid and several officials have made rash statements about not giving up South Ossettia. One thing for sure though is Russia is becoming bolder in today's society, and diplomatic tensions with Russia are becoming more strained. At this rate who knows what will occur in the future.

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