Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Russian Christmas Parties at Stetson.

I am not always sure I made the right decision in coming to Stetson. The town is smaller than I'd like, I'm itching to get out of Florida, and I find it hard to relate to many o my peers here.

However, the Russian parties hosted by the few Russian Professors here in the Russian department reassure me that I made the right decision. Last Friday's Russian extravaganza was no exception. From the excellent borscht to the Shostakovitch musical interlude, the Russian studies department certainly outdid themselves this year.

The close relationships we are privileged to make with our academic mentors, as well as peers, is invaluable. The fond memories I have made at these cozy get-togethers will always be reflected on warmly by me years later. I'm sure many of my classmates agree.

Besides, when else does a college student get to eat gourmet foreign food to their hearts content for free?

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