Sunday, January 31, 2010

String Quartet No. 8 an insight into the genius that was Shostakovich

Written in only three days, Shostakovich's Eigth String Quartet is a testament to the compositional genius Shostakovich possesed. The brevity in which the piece was written already belies a sense of wonder, yet what he produced in those three days is a journey that takes the listener and player through the depths of deprivation and lostness, to the ravages of opression and desolation. Yet even so this piece takes one to the inevitable end, a closure that is neither happy nor sad. There is a contemplation that comes at the end of piece which truly makes for a truly unique experience.

The Quartet is dedicated to the victims of fascisim and war.

The quartet is in five movements I will produce here the first and allow you to choose to listen to the other four

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