Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Legal? Questionably. Effective? Indubitably.

Look very, very carefully at this picture of a Russian skill-crane game. (Click for bigger; photo found on English Russia)

Do you see any...questionable prizes?

Like the little bottles of liquor tucked in among the stuffed animals and plastic cell phone toys?

I wish I knew where this skill-crane game was located and why, for God's sake, the owner of the establishment felt it appropriate and necessary to put booze in the machine. That crane cannot possibly be strong enough to lift a full bottle of liquor--even a small one. Glass (or plastic, possibly) is smooth and heavy, and the claws are designed to just barely lift the cheap stuffed animals that normally occupy machines like this. It is infinitely easier, and possibly cheaper depending on your skill at games like this, to just go buy alcohol from a store, like a grown-up.

But whatever.

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