Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Russia in 2018!

So, I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the results of the location decisions for the FIFA World Cup in футбол. Here's some more info on it and its other sporty activities :)

Taken form the BBC News Website:

The impact of winning the bid was illustrated in the headline "Russia, live with the World" which appeared in one of the main Russian newspapers.

And analysts suggest that the World Cup will improve the institutions of civil society and the well-being of the nation.

Government support was a key factor in securing the tournament for Russia and the country will be a focus for major sporting events in the next eight years.

Apart from the Winter Olympics and Kazan Universiade, there will be a first Formula One grand prix in Russia in 2014, the World Athletics Championships in 2013 and, more than likely, the ice hockey World Championship in 2016.

Also, my recordings are with David Kincaid's post.

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