Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN (30 января, Урок 5)


Сначала напишите тест по словам! First, take your vocab quiz

Не забудьте! Наш праздничный вечер!
Don't forget the Winter Extravaganza! TODAY!!! СЕГОДНЯ @ 7:30pm at SPREES.
Great Russian snacks and cultural credit! 


Пора работать! It's time to work. Давайте послушаем. Напишите эти упражнения. Do these two exercises on the lab хендаут. Listen to each recording at least twice!
  • Listen to the recording, and fill in the times. Look below if you need a reminder on telling "what time."
  • Listen to the recording and jot down Ско́лько сто́ит? How much does it cost? (Recall the word Сколько from the phrase Ско́лько се́йчас вре́мени?) Only do the first nine! You'll hear prices given in rubles and kopecks (рубли и копейки) but you'll hear them in their inflected forms рублей и копеек.
If you need a reminder on telling "what time"...

Bring me the хендаут и я его вам проверю (I'll check it).

We're going to practice asking questions, so take a second and review your question words.

We'll also finish up with verbs of motion, examining the "there-and-back-again" verbs ездить and ходить. Take a second to examine their conjugational pattern. They are regular verbs like говорить, but they have a mutation in the я form, like the verb любить (люблю).

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