Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN УРОК 9 Unit 9 Week 2 Неделя 2 Elementary Russian Lab (5-2-2018)

Доброе утро! Сегодня 2ое мая. Среда. Значит, мы в лингафонном кабинете!

Вчера--в России и в постсоветских странах, отметили праздник Первое мая... день весны и труда. 

Yesterday was International Workers' Day, the day marked to celebrate LABOR. And spring.

TAKE YOUR QUIZ! Напишите тест... спасибо! Молодец!

Then, watch this Power Putin Point presentation at least twice. It explains how TENSE and ASPECT work in English and Russian.

Here it is! Получите! 

Our SPREES end-of-the-year PARTY and AWARD CEREMONY is later today, Allen Hall auditorium, 4-5:30. Food, tea, company, медальоны!

And... наконец...... It's not too late to register for SPREES classes in the Fall...

101 with Denner TTh 11.30-12.45
101 with Zheltoukhova TTh 4-5.15
201 Zheltoukhova TTh 1-2.15
301/401 TTh Zheltoukhova 11.30-12.45

Soviet Century Fowler MW 2.30-3.45


Russian Foreign Policy Huskey TTh 11.30-12.45


Money and the Muse (HIST 341) Fowler TTh 10-11.15

REMEMBER, dear SPREESians, that you need 2 (TWO) Humanities courses for our major. This fall, that is Dr. Fowler's Money and the Muse. Next spring, it's Dr. Denner's Russian and Soviet Film and Dr. Zavlunov's Music and Social Injustice. For those just declaring the major, it's only one humanities course, but for those of who already declared, it is still two. These are GREAT courses--ask Dr. Fowler if you need recommendations from previous students:) PLEASE let us know if you have questions about your degree audit or your course selection!

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