Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Сегодня в кабинете... Unit 10 Week 1

Привет! Салют! Welcome back to the Language Lab. Today it's all about preparing for the oral examination in a couple weeks... Не парься! Будь спок, не волнуйся! Chill!

(The word спокойно means calm.. Будь спок! Be calm... you know, like Спок!)

Anyway, read along while listening to dialogues three and five. The word 
Назад means "ago"... The first question in dialogue three is kinda stupid... Whose on the picture? I'm on the picture. 

Answer the questions on your lab worksheet and have me or the tutor check them. 


The question На когО вы похОжи (ты похОж/ты похОжа)? means Who do you look like? Literally, "Whom do you go after?" (Похож comes from the verb ходить, to go.) 

It uses the accusative case Она похожа на меня, на маму, на Ивана... 

For your "little composition" answer in complete sentences the following questions... Remember, truth telling isn't that important... If you write the answers out now, the tutors can check them. Otherwise, they are due on Tuesday. 

Come to the tables for some further work! 
Присоединяйтесь к нам за стол!

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