Saturday, November 3, 2007

So this is where Santa gets his reindeer..

After visiting Moscow, one would experience quite a culture shock if seeing the Krasnoyarsk Region, an area covering almost 2,000 miles of Russia. Indigenous people make up this area, and live the life that their ancestors did centuries ago. In fact, many of them herd thousands of reindeer, using the skin as protection from the cold in the harsh weather conditions they experience. These families will travel around all winter, picking up and moving once the reindeer have consumed the moss and lichen-filled pastures. On the other hand, some of these natives have rejected this harsh way of life, like Vladimir and Zinaida Sigunel. Despite giving up living in the Krasnoyarsk Region, they still keep their roots close to home. "Vladimir is a dance teacher, and through his dances he tells stories about his motherland. Zinaida is a housewife and occupies herself sewing national clothes."

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