Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cults = Scary!

I found this article about a Russian cult on Yahoo. It reminded me of the Heaven's Gate cult, who all killed themselves in hopes of catching a ride on the spaceship behind Haley's Comet. Except, people in this cult aren't looking to make friends with extra terrestrials, they've locked themselves into a cave with food and other supplies.. why? Because they believe the world is coming to an end. The cult consists of 29 adults and 4 children, all Christians who believe that the church is doing a horrible job. So, they've taken it upon themselves to survive when the world does come to an end- apparently in May of 2008. The picture that goes with the article shows 2 Russian policemen standing outside the snow-covered cave; however, the cult members have threatened to blow themselves up by detonating a gask tank if the police intervene with their survival tactic. Interestingly enough, the cult leader is not with them. Police told one newspaper that Pyotr Kuznetsov "was a 43-year-old who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and that in the last few months he had been sleeping in a coffin." Atleast this guy has a reason for his lack of sanity..

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