Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Russian Detergent Commercial

Here's another strange Russian commerical. It's an ad for "New Myth", a washing detergent. The character (Lacy says its a sink) snorts the detergent off his arm and says "cool freshness." After he falls down he says "I didn't expect that to happen." The words at the bottom read: "Use according to instructions."


iBelt said...

This is funny clip, but I assure you - it is not a real commercial. This is a home-made parody on rather stupid TV ad, and it have been made and posted on youtube for pure fun. The joke behind the clip has a few "flashbacks", clearly visible to any russian. You also misinterpreted what is being said in the clip, it is "freezing freshness", not "cool" (where is no wordplay in russian here), also after he falls down he says "In winter and summer (he) dreams about it" (related to russian folk riddle "зимой и летом одним цветом"). Words in the end are parody on tobacco ads, which are legally required to include warning from Ministry of Health.

Bimini said...

Very interesting