Monday, February 11, 2008

I want a bear!!!

So Dr. Denner talked about how bears can be found just walking around the streets of Russian cities, but I didn't believe it until I saw it:

Bears are so adorable, they're basically just big dogs! So if the Russians can figure out how to tame and train them as pets, why can't we?? I would even venture into the tourist- ridden Time Square to check out cute bears being walked around.

And on the topic of bears, I found мишки гамми!!!(Gummi Bears-a la ruse!) ловкие, смелые, добрые, милые!!!

I think we should seriously watch the Gummi Bears in class. I believe that мишки гамми will impact us way more than Vova and Lena Silin. Аfter all,этих медведей полюбят все дети!


Dr. Michael A. Denner said...

what, you think i'm smart enough to make all that stuff up??? btw, мишка is the classic name for bears (like spot or boots for dogs and cats in america). that's why it's мишки гумми. the word for bear in russian is медведь, presumably from the word мёд (honey) and ведать (slavic for 'know').

Bimini said...

honey-knower? Neat.

-Дэйв said...

Haha...Lena Silin. My Russian class used the Nachalo series, and all we did was make fun of each episode!