Sunday, February 10, 2008

Moscow Fun Facts

Moscow, being the capital of Russia and a popular home to many, has lots of interesting information about it. It has a population of about 11. 2 million people. It's major industries include machine building, metalworking, oil refining, publishing and brewing. Most males in the city describe their jobs as either engineer or business man. Moscow is however, very undiverse when it comes to different types of people and races. The breakdown goes down like this: Russians 79.8%, Tatars 3.84%, Ukrainians 2.04%, Bashkir 1.16%, Chuvash 1.13%, Chechens 0.9%, Armenians 0.79%, other 10.34%. As for money, Moscow has more billionaires living there than any other city in the world. The total comes to 33. The area code is 95 along with 7. Both these numbers must be used even for local calls. As for seasons, it gets them all. It is known for having very hot summers but very cold winters. January 7 is when they celebrate Christmas and January 1 is New Years. June 12th is Russian Day. Moscow is also the home of the Kremlin, The Red Square and the Bolshoi Theater.


Dr. Michael A. Denner said...

another interesting fact -- more muslims (as a fraction of the overall population) in moscow than any other european major city... it's a very diverse place, as the centers of empires tend to be (think london and paris).

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