Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Here is a link to a video of one of the most famous Russian folk dances called Barynya.
Facts about Barynya:
The word BARYNYA (Russian: Барыня, landlady) was used by simple folk as a form of addressing to a woman of higher class
The Barynya chastuskas used to have the refrain, kind of "Барыня, барыня, сударыня-барыня", "Barynya, barynya, sudarynya-barynya", or "Барыня ты моя, сударыня ты моя". The content was often humoristic, even lewd.
The dancing was without special choreography and consisted mainly of fancy stomping and traditional Russian squatwork – knee bending ("вприсядку", vprisyadku).

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