Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Putin - Coolest, suavest dictator in history? You decide.

As a denizen of numerous politics-influenced message boards I've come across more than a few odd or interesting pictures of Vladimir Putin hanging out, looking ominously at people or basically just being fierce and suave. There's no doubt this goes back to his years as a secret agent; Putin is basically the real-life Russian James Bond, if James Bond was handed the leadership of a powerhouse of a nation.

Here Putin seems fascinated by the Batsignal displayed prominently on the floor. It's actually a symbol of the Russian Special Forces, which is pretty funny. (Was Batman a Soviet Sympathizer? HMM?!)

I don't know the context for this one, but apparently Putin is a vampire, or is indicating that someone else is a vampire? Are there lots of vampires in Russia?

A cheesy little political cartoon I found. There were several following the 'Putin-matryoshka doll-(psst he's still the president)' theme. I also found a few pictures of matyroshkas modeled after the soviet and post-soviet rulers of Russia - perhaps suggesting some things never change?

Awww, somebody loves Putin! He seems a bit confused. ('ЧТО ЭТО... LOVE?')

I really would like to know what the context for these pictures was. Does Putin have a secret sweetheart?

Putin = Nosferatu? For serious, I'm really starting to get the whole vampire vibe from these pictures.

Putin giving Bush the business, telling him how it's gonna be. (also, ridiculous outfits, lolz.)

Apparently, Russians love Putin. (Also, it appears that TV Putin and Flag Putin are checkin' each other out.)

Putin is too classy for candy in the middle of such a prestigious ceremony. (His successor, Medvedev, though, apparently, is not.)

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