Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Mystery of Anastasia (unit 4)

Anastasia was born on June 18, 1901 to Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia, and his wife Alexandra. She was the younger sister of Olga, Tatiana, and Maria and had a younger brother Alexei. With the murder of the Romanov family in 1918 rumors of her survival circulated. It was said to be believed that she escaped and was still alive. There were a few women to come forward and claim to be Grand Duchess Anastasia. Anna Anderson was one of the more popular posers. After Anna Anderson's death in 1984 a DNA sample was taken and in 1994 it was tested and shown that there was no relation to her and the Grand Duchess. The grave where Anastasia's parents were buried in Ekaterinburg only had the bodies of her mother, father and her three sisters. In 2008 however the charred remains of a young boy and girl were found near Ekaterinburg. DNA testing showed that the young boy is Alexei and the young girl was one of the four Romanov girls.

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