Monday, November 17, 2008

Russian Jazz Saxophonist and Composerm, Oleg Kireyev

Nowadays, it's not easy to surprise a listener by contemporary world or jazz music. Nevertheless, Oleg Kireyev succeeds in it. Western press calls Oleg Kireyev "revolutionary reedman from the Urals" for the new air he brings into well known styles. He easily combines jazz standards with exotic folklore, showing high-class improvisation technique. Been fascinated by Bashkir folklore Oleg Kireyev was the first one in Russia, who started to practice ethno-approach in jazz. After a long term collaboration with folk musicians he mastered guttural singing technique and introduced into his band such folk instruments as "kurai" (Bashkir wind instrument) and "kubyz" (Jew's-harp). In 1985 jazz band "Orlan", formed by Oleg Kireyev became bright phenomenon on a Russian jazz stage. In 1989, record label "Melodia" (single label in Russia for that period) released "Bashkir legends". World music was gaining popularity around the globe and "Orlan" been always enthusiastically welcomed everywhere. "Orlan" had been touring a lot around big Russia and abroad. In 1994, Oleg Kireyev won the scholarship and went to the USA to study jazz in the famous school of saxophonist Bud Shank. This was after Bud Shank listened to Oleg's solo album "Romantic"(1994). In Bud Shank's school Oleg Kireyev was a soloist of "All stars students" band, which consisted of the school's best students. Together with Bud Shank's band, Oleg Kireyev played as a soloist with well established on jazz stage musicians.
In 1996 Oleg Kireyev quartet was invited to perform at Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), where he was awarded a diploma for "outstanding performance at the 30th anniversary Festival". Then comes the international recognition for Oleg Kireyev.In 1997 Oleg Kireyev performed at "Birmingham Jazz Festival" (UK). Same year, he took part in "Earling jazz festival" (London). Since then Oleg Kireyev has been touring England once or twice a year.In 2000 Oleg Kireyev released album with pop-jazz program "Love Letters". Audience liked those touching emotional, romantic tunes and CD had good sells in England.

After numerous experiments in the area of world music Oleg Kireyev created project that absorbed folklore from all over the world. That is "Feng shui jazz theatre" that later turned to release of new album "Mandala" (2004) "The Feng Shui Jazz Theater" project celebrates the rich diversity of musical styles and instrumentation brought to the stage by Kireyev and his band members. "Often our music on stage comes from folk songs or a sudden mood we get after reading a French sonnet," says Kireyev. "Sometimes we will combine an opera singer and vanguard jazz on the same stage for an interesting Italian opera affect." The live performance thoroughly engages the audience in its energy and creativity.

Today Oleg often plays on different venues in the different countries. He plays his original music in a mainstream style, ethnic jazz and world music. He is working as artistic director in a famous and bright Jazz club in Moscow, located 300meters away from the Red Square, "Union of Composers" (Souz Kompozitorov), where international and Russian musisians play jazz music for the Muscovites as well as for guests of Moscow city.

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