Thursday, April 2, 2009

bomb the blogosphere

I am very behind with blogging - dissapointingly so. I am praying that the better late than never mantra holds true for Russian 202 blogs.

номер один

I read yesterday in the New York Times, that President Obama met with President Medvedev have begun talks to rejuvenate relations between the United States and Russia. Article link: I like to think that I keep up on current affairs, but I was unaware that Obama had plans to meet with Russia. More exciting than a cordial and seemingly benevolent meeting between the two, was the announcement that both countries will work toward reducing their nuclear stockpiles by up to a third. Obviously, this puts a seemingly inconsequential dent in the aftermath of a dangerous arms race, but the agreement is a step in the right direction. As the G-20 summit convenes, one can (with little optimism) hope that nuclear disarmament will not be ignored amid the inevitable economic discussions.

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