Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kangaroo, Skippy-roo....

We Aussies, I believe, are the only nation in the world that consumes it's National Animal. Many Americans are often horrified when I point this out, but it's true...we eat kangaroos.

As does (or at least DID) Russia.

But due to a recent Russian ban on meat from over 30 countries (read about it here), the kangaroo industry in Australia is estimated to be losing tens of thousand of dollars a week in the future, and a bunch of aussies are going to lose their jobs.

Before any of you get all miffed and up in arms on behalf of kangaroos, chill out. You eat venison, right? It's basically the same thing. Google a picture of a kangaroo -they have the same shaped head as deer, and they present the same problems -they breed quickly and you have to be careful driving at night not to run into them and wreck your car.

I think a good solution would be for Outback Steakhouses to redeem themselves a tiny bit...if they want to continue to parade around under the ridiculous, laughably caricaturistic charade of "Australian", they should start importing kangaroo steaks. Selling Fosters and putting "aussie" on the menu does not make a steakhouse "outback".

Interestingly enough, I think the Russian pronounciation of "Ganguru" is probably a hell of a lot closer to the aboriginal pronunciation anyway...

<---- Just one of the charming examples of how we use a kangaroo to it's full potential, besides eating the meat. It's a bottle opener, and it is made of exactly what you think it's made of.

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Rachel said...

For the record, I don't eat venison
I pretty much don't eat anything that's mammalian, otherwise I would totally want to try kangaroo, even though I would be sad the entire time I was eating it.
Is it red meat or white meat?