Monday, November 16, 2009

Russia orders recall of Modern Warfare 2

The Russian government has ordered a recall of all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 copies in the country after the unveiling of the controversial "No Russian" mission which includes the player taking part in a terrorist attack on an airport in Moscow, killing innocent civilians. Other causes cited include other parts of the game's plot, such as the Russian reaction sparking an invasion of the East Coast, and decimating Washington D.C.

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Every copy of the console version of Modern Warfare 2 has been recalled from stores in Russia due to the content of the “No Russian” mission, better known as the controversial airport massacre level. Likewise, Infinity Ward has released an official patch for the PC and Steam versions of Modern Warfare 2, entirely removing the mission from the game.

Pending validation from the Russian government, the censored console versions of the game are expected to be released within less than a month, with the mission removed.

The game’s content has raised the ire of the Russian gaming public as well as a number of politicians who object to its portrayal of Russia’s armed forces as terrorists who invade the United States and subsequently erect statues of dead terrorists in Washington D.C.

Russian gaming website GotPS3 voiced their anger over the game’s storyline, which they criticized as catering to a primarily American audience with total disregard towards other cultures, especially the Russians, whom the game depicts as terrorists.

As it is, Russian gamers who wish to play the game will have to choose from purchasing the gutted Steam version, ordering the US/EU version of Modern Warfare 2 from eBay, or waiting for an indefinite period of time for the censored version to be released, pending validation.


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