Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Russian Lolcats?!

Heck YES! Russians now have Lolcats! This is just one more thing the Russians have stolen from the West (ex. Facebooke/VKontakte.)
*Warning* Since it IS lolkoti, things ARE spelt wrong. That's the point. Lolkoti are not lessons on Russian spelling and/or grammar.

For more hilarity, go to www.lolkot.ru.


NiX said...

Not stolen but rather kindly borrowed. Everything is unique on that site except for the idea of lolcats and original cat images. Unlike vkontakte and other non-unique services, nobody denies the true origin of Russian lolcats.

Funny pictures (of cats) with captions is not a patented idea. :)

NiX said...

P.S. English translations/explanations are there specifically for the purpose of learning new Russian things informally.