Sunday, March 21, 2010

I kind of want one

EnglishRussia never fails to deliver articles about bizarre goings-on in Russia, and this instance is no different. I found an article about a guy who decided that merely wearing a tinfoil hat was not enough to protect his brain from alien and/or government mind control rays. His wife wouldn't let him cover every interior surface of their house in tinfoil, so he moved into their garage and proceeded to foil the place up. (click for pictures)

I really like the article's introduction, too:

"The best way to get yourself hundred percent proved protection from brain slugs and alien brain-control transmissions you can wear a tin-foil hat. That’s a well known fact. But in order to get two hundred percent protection you need to move further and take some more serious approach for your brain security."

That's right, folks. You heard it here first. In today's world, with our incredible technologies, brain security ought to be number one on your list. Bust out that tinfoil and get to redecoratin', quick, before the government knows what you're doing!

That said, I kind of want a tinfoil shack...

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