Monday, March 15, 2010

Russian Dwarf Hamsters! UNIT 8

It was discovered by W.C. Campbell in 1902 in Tuva, an area that has historically been geographically linked with both China and Russia"First of all, you should know that the term Russian dwarf hamster can actually refer to three distinctly different species of dwarf hamsters. This includes the Roboroski’s dwarf hamster, the Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamster and the Winter White Russian dwarf hamster.

At 8-10 centimeters in length, the Russian Winter White is similar in size and appearance to the Campbell’s Russian dwarf. In fact they are very often mistakenly considered as one and the same species. The smallest of the three species, the teeny weeny Roboroski hamster grows to a maximum of only 4-5 centimeters. Now that’s tiny!"

There is more on the difference on the species and the care they require on this website