Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mosfil'm: online movie theatre

this is very cool...

Moscow Times (April 30, 2010): Mosfilm Launches Online Movie Theater

In a bid to fight piracy, Mosfilm, the leading state-owned film studio,
launched an online service Wednesday, set to offer 2,500 classic movies for
free or for a small fee.

The service, accessible at, is in test mode,
scheduled to become fully operational "in a few days." The site has an
English version, making it available to users worldwide.

The current catalogue, set to expand, offers 142 movies produced at Mosfilm
over the course of its 85-year history, including Andrei Tarkovsky's "Ivan's
Childhood" and "Stalker" and Nikita Mikhalkov's "An Unfinished Piece for a
Player Piano."

The movies are screened for free on a daily timetable and can be either
watched online for 25 rubles (90 cents) or downloaded for 65 rubles ($2.20)
the rest of the time. Only the free screening option is presently available.

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