Saturday, May 1, 2010

Unit 10 - Amazing Abandoned Areas

I stumbled on this site that has pictures of 10 different abandoned locations. Three of them are Russian.
1. An abandoned submarine base in Balaklava, Ukraine off the Black Sea that is now a museum and memory of and testament to the Cold War.
2. Pripyat, Ukraine and Chernobyl, everyone knows about this one, one of the greatest nuclear disasters in history.
3. An abandoned indoor water park in Russia. Apparently the company that was building it ran out of money a few months before finishing construction. It was originally intended to be a huge kids park with lots of rides and attraction, but now it's a collection of concrete, steel, and graffiti.

Here's the link if you want to look at the other pictures. One of them is an abandoned hospital in Germany where the young Adolf Hitler recovered from a bullet wound during WWI.

It's rather interesting how what was once so prominent in our minds and in the world can be reduced to rubble or memories. It's so surreal...

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