Monday, April 16, 2012

Shostakovich Cello Concerto No.1

Greetings, I've just finished a marathon weekend of concerts and recitals( my own senior recital included in that bunch). I thought I would share with you all a recording of the Shostakovich Cello concerto that my wonderful girlfriend Elise played on her senior recital last night! Sadly it is not a recording of her playing the last movement but of an equally great cellist Mischa Maisky. A brief summary on the piece. Like 80% of the 20th century cello music written, this concerto is dedicated to whom I consider the worlds greatest cellist, Mistislav Rostropovich. This last movement brings to close the concerto which contains 4 movements. The last movement is quite manic and psychotic in sound and nature, with the high tessitura of the woodwinds being displayed. Shostakovich was in fact mocking the Stalin regime with this concerto, and this movement contains a parody of one of Stalin's favorite Soviet songs.

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