Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some Russian Superstitions

A somewhat abridged list taken from Wikipedia.

  • If your ears or cheeks are hot, someone is thinking or talking about you (usually speaking ill).
  • If your right eye itches, you're going to be happy soon. If your left eye itches, you'll be sad.
  • If your lips itch, you'll be kissing someone soon.
  • If you have the hiccups, someone is remembering you at this moment.
  • If an eyelash falls out you'll receive a gift. If someone finds an eyelash on someone he or she will sometimes let the person blow it away and make a wish.
  • If you eat from a knife, you'll be "angry like a dog".
  • If someone is not recognized when seen or heard, he or she will be rich. So if someone calls you on the phone and you don't recognize them you can cheer them up by telling them they'll be rich.
  • If someone was talking about you before you entered the room/conversation, then you will live a long and rich life.
  • If a cat is washing its face, expect guests soon.
  • If a black cat crosses your path, it's bad luck (though not unique to Russian tradition). People will often avoid crossing the place where it crossed, or will at least wait for someone else to cross it first.
  • If a hare crosses your path, it's bad luck. This is much less common than the cat superstition, which is understandable given the lack of hares in urban conditions.
  • If you spill salt, it's bad luck and is said to bring conflict, but no one will throw salt over their left shoulder.
  • If it's raining when you leave a place, it means you'll return, and it is considered a generally good omen.
  • If it rains on someone's wedding, it means they'll be wealthy.
  • If someone sneezes while telling something, it means he or she is telling the truth.
  • If you wear clothes (such as an undershirt) inside out, you will get beaten. Your friend should point this out, wait for you to fix the clothes and then punch you symbolically.
  • If you wear a shirt backwards, you will become acquainted with someone new.
  • In Russian superstition if a couple sets a wedding date and doesn't end up getting married on that date they can not set another date and should not get married as their union will be cursed.
  • Accidentally breaking a glass is considered good luck.

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