Saturday, May 5, 2012

Native Russian Flowers

Baby's Breath
- often grown in border plantings and for use in fresh or dried floral arrangements.
- the most popular variety is white, but they do grow in pink and lilac.
- resistant to most insects and diseases
- blooms and flowers from late spring to early fall

Siberian Iris
- native to Eastern Russia
- blooms white or violet flowers in the early summer
- low maintannce and has few disease and insect problems

- native to southern Siberia
- is a tea plant
- blooms in mid winter to early spring
- can survive temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the occasional drought
- only grows about 2 feet in height, but its leaves are as big as a cabbage leaf

- can grow to over 10 feet tall
- produces clusters of beel-shaped lilac flowers as well as different shades of pink and purple
- flowers bloom from April through June


Timofey said...


As my eyes says me, there are a lot of other flowers may be called native in Russian. You shows strange flowers... Maybe they grows at Siberia, but Siberia is far, far away. And there are Ural mountains on the way. And there is (in Siberia) Taiga -- the horrible place, where even GPS didn't help people to find this way through endless woods. Or at least, so peoples speaks, lifeway of whom gone through Taiga.

But in any case, we cant speak of Siberia as of "native russian" territory. There are relatively small amount of people lives (sometimes 0.5 humans per square kilometer and less), and historically russians lived to the west from Ural.

And here, as I told before, there are a lot of other flowers. I'm not a biologist, and know plants only for they looking. And by looking on photos, i have selected some flowers which I really saw in the forest.

Фотографии не могут передать истинные краски. Поляна, заросшая такими цветами, и залитая солнечным светом, оказывается настолько яркой, что начинает выгорать сетчатка и ноги не держат, подгибаясь в коленях.

ps. Sorry for my English. It is technically oriented at most. And I'm not feel myself enough mighty to translate the last paragraph into English. Probably for previous ones the same is true.

Albert James said...

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