Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Portfolio 4

Caroline Brazelton
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Portfolio 4

Russian Folk Dances have always been apart of the Russian culture. Exemplifying the traditional dances of both the Slovenian and Tatar origins.  Many of the first dances appeared around the turn of the 10th century.  This was of course as the Slavic tribes moved into Russia. These Russian dances reflect greatly on the source of classes.  As in the upper class was the audience as the middle and lower classes typically performed it.
 They would make their own costumes as well, given that this was a very important detail of the performance. These costumes had many deep yet bright and vivid colors, often times this color is red.  The women would sometimes wear headdresses and an embroidered shirt, but most especially an ornamented apron.  The men were know to wear narrow pants with their shirts and high boots.
Today,  the dances continue to play a very pertinent part in the Russian culture. Evoking the beauty of tradition into an every day existence.

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