Tuesday, November 13, 2012

YPOK 4 BLOG: Russian versus American Education

There are numerous statistical differences between Russian and American schools. First of all, not a huge difference but notable; Russian’s compulsory secondary education is eleven years whereas in the United States it is twelve years. Next the United States education spending (percent GDP) is 50% higher than Russia’s United States spends 17.1% while Russia spends 11.5%. An interesting fact about tertiary education in Russia is that women lead in enrollment with 57%. In addition more than half of the Russian adult population has attained a tertiary education. This is two times that of the OECD average.

            In the United States it is common to either complete the twelve years o school and go on to get a job or go to a college or university. In Russia, students have the option, upon completion of a nine-year program, to either complete the remaining two years or transfer to a specialized professional training school.

            Lastly in Russia there are two successive postgraduate degrees. These degrees are kandidat nauk (Candidate of science) and doktor nauk (Doctor of science). It is important to note that both are a certificate of scientific, not academic, achievement.


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