Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl in Russia?!

YPOK 6 Blog
By Whitney Meyers
For most Russians the word football is usually associated with what Americans call soccer.  Therefore, while most of us here in America will be celebrating the biggest football game of the year on Sunday, those in Russia will probably be sleeping.  However, what about the American’s traveling in Russia right now as well as the few Russian football fans? Well thankfully, believe it or not, there are a few places in Russia where Super Bowl parties will be hosted. Due to time zone differences though, the party won’t start off until about 4 a.m.
The Moscow Times “contacted numerous sports bars and diners” to find out who was showing the game. Most popular, will be the Starlite Diner, which will start live coverage of the game at 3:30 am. Not only will the game be showed but in the spirit of Super Bowl, the Diner is also offering a “two for one” special. The Starlite Diner along with a few other bars and diners in Russia were reported to be hosting parties.
So, if you’re an American football fan in Russia this year, have no fear because you will be able to see the game! Just at four in the morning…

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