Sunday, February 24, 2013

YPOK 7 Blog: Russian Ban of US Adoptions

This last summer the U.S. recently passed the Magnitsky Act, which calls for sanctions against human rights violators in Russia. In what seems to be a retaliation to this law, the Russian parliament has approved a bill that prohibits American’s from adopting Russian children. The law went into effect January 1st, 2013. Is this anti-adoption law what’s best for the children though? Critics say its not because it is denying orphans of an opportunity to escape miserable orphanages with poor living conditions. Also, according to UNICEF there are over 740,000 orphans living in Russia right now. Previously the U.S. has been a significant contributor in providing these children with homes. Over the last twenty years the U.S. has adopted over 60,000 Russian orphans.

This anti-adoption law is formally known as Dima Yakovlev Law. Named in honor of a Russian toddler who was adopted by American’s and later died from being left in a broiling car. Therefor Russian lawmakers are using this law as a way to protect children and encourage adoptions inside Russia. Lawmakers could have a point with this but what about the many kind families in the U.S. desperate for a kid that would give one of these Russian orphans a great home. Is it fair to the kids or should they have the right to choose?
By Whitney Meyers

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