Friday, May 3, 2013

Russian Universities

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Since this unit discussed school, college, and graduating I decided I would blog about Russia’s oldest university- Moscow State.  The University was founded in 1755, so it is over 250 years! Since the school was founded on the same day that the Russian Orthodox Church celebrated the day of Saint Tatiana, the holiday changed to be celebrated as the day of Moscow University…too bad the U.S. doesn’t have a holiday celebrating the day of Stetson University!
When Mikhail Lomonsov founded the University the three faculties in it were Philosophical, Judicial, and Medicinal. Not only were lectures at the time given in Russian, but also Latin. Today, over 40,000 students attend Moscow State University. The largest classical university in Russian Federation, as the school has been named, has prestigious professors of which many are laureates of the Nobel Prize, State Premiums of the USSR, and Russia.
                Below is a picture of the beautiful school.

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