Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Boris Akunin is the pen name of Grigory Chkhartishvili he was born in Georgia in 1956 and has lived in Moscow since 1958. Before he became a novelist he worked as a translator, he studied languages at Moscow State University. He translated works from Japanese to English and his most famous translations are about Yukio Mishima. He published his first detective story in 1998 and has written 11 novels about Erast Fandorin. Fandorin is a 19th century investigator who works with police on cases in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Boris has a passion for Russian history which can be seen in the setting of the books .The series is an adventure model that also has classic Russian stories integrated into it. The Fandorin novels has sold 13 million copies in Russia. They have been translated into English, German, Polish, French and Italian. They have also been adapted to a movie and television series.  Some critics have compared Fandorin to a Russian Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Clouseau. Boris Akunin is a contemporary Russian author and is well known in Russia. Boris has a passion for Russian history that can be seen in the Fandorin novels and has lead him to work on a book about the history of Russia.

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