Wednesday, November 20, 2013

best tank of WWII?

Most people think that the Germans had the most technologically advanced and overall superior armored vehicles of WWII, well they would be wrong. My friends, say hello to the T-34 tank. This tank was the first of its kind to use slanted and angled armor, allowing incoming firepower to bounce off the tanks thick armor and allow the tank to continue its brutal assault of the Rhineland. This tank was so easy to manufacture that at the height of WWII, 1,300 of these panzer-eaters would be made in a single month. Although they were outmatched in range and firepower by the Tiger and Panzer tanks (but not by much) they were so reliable that tank commanders sometimes wouldn’t even give the order to fire a round. Not fire? Why would anyone not shoot in a tank battle? Well this tank was so devastating and trustworthy that if you wanted to, you could just drive right through any tank, wall, building, well anything that got in your way. The T-34 was a machine that was built to last and ready for punishment, sometimes coming right out of the factory to the battlefield. Just another advantage the USSR had in WWII.

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