Friday, December 13, 2013

Russian Cuisine: Baba Romovaya Cake

      I really like food from all over the world and I have not tasted that much Russian food in my life so far and so I decided to find a recipe. I searched for a long time for something that sounded good to me and I actually found a lot of things but then I saw the Baba Romovaya cake and I knew I wanted to make that. Sadly I have no kitchen supplies since I live in a dorm but as soon as I get home I will be making this cake and a lot more recipes I found like "Rice Kasha with Cheese," "Borsch," and "Ossetrina pod Syrom (a.k.a. Sturgeon Baked with cheese)." Below I have posted the recipe for the yummy cake and a picture of one I didn't bake, hopefully someone else will get to enjoy it this holiday season!

Baba Romovaya cake recipe

3 ea eggs
5 oz flour
5 oz sugar
5 oz cherry juice
2 tbsp rum
4 tbsp rum
2 ea yolks
8 oz cream
1 tbsp starch

Beat up eggs with sugar with the mixer until there is foam. Stir in flour very gradually and make dough very quickly. Fill in the form half (the dough wil rise twice) with dough very very carefully. Grease the form abundantly with butter and sprinkle with flour. Close all windows and doors to avoid draughts otherwise "baba" will catch a cold". Put in a warm place, don't move it. As soon as the dough rise up to the top, bake in the oven (180C) until it is golden. It is very important to keep the form of "baba" after baking. Put upside "baba" in the form down on the paper until it is cold. Don't take it out of the form until it is cold. Mix rum with cherry juice in a large bowl and sink "baba" in this syrup. Beat up yolks with cream and starch, pour in rum. Put the mass on a "steam bath" (put a smaller pan with cream mass in a large pan with water) and bring to thickening. Pour the sauce over "Baba" before serving.

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