Thursday, December 12, 2013

Want a Free Subway Ride? Squat Down and Give Me 30!

    So.... in a fit of wasting time after a final, I came across and article concerning train rides in Russia I found both absolutely genius and hilarious at the same time! Apparently, in an effort to promote both the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi and living a healthier lifestyle, the Moscow metro set up a special vending machine that offers travelers one free ticket in exchange for performing 30 squats.
In order to gain the free ticket, subway riders had to perform the squats in front of the machine as well as all of the curious bystanders, AND do them in under two minutes.  The machine remained at the Vystavochaya station in the west of the Russian capital until Dec. 3.  Although the period of time that this was there has passed, I think it is something that if it were to be kept around and implemented in more places than just Russia, it would seriously promote healthier living, and allow people who perhaps could not afford the transportation otherwise to have a means of obtaining transportation!

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