Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN (14 февраля, Урок 6, неделя 1 Unit 6 Week 1 Elementary Russian)

Доброе утро! Сегодня среда, 14ое февраля.


First, listen to the three разговоры (1 3) (кликните по ссылке! Click on the links!). Don't listen more than three times! Я вам помогу! I can help you... just ask! Попросите!

On the back of one of your lab assignments, jot down the answers, in English, to the following questions:

Before coming to the tables, take a second and listen to me read the conjugational pattern of a new verb, хотеть, to want. Notice that it's irregular: the singular present tense has -e- as its vowel (like работать); the plural persons (мы, вы, они) have -и- and -ят (like говорить). It's not irregular, хотеть is a hybrid, half first, half second!

Listen to the recording at least twice, and read along:


Now, come join us at the tables... Пожалуйста, к столам! Поработаем вместе!


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