Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете...

Доброе утро! Сегодня среда, 15ое января.

С возвращением! Welcome back!

First, listen to the three разговоры (1 3). On the back of one of your lab assignments, jot down the answers, in English, to the following questions. Don't listen more than three times! Я вам помогу! I can help you... just ask! Попросите!
Before coming to the tables, take a second and listen to me read the conjugational pattern of a new verb, хотеть, to want. Notice that it's irregular: the singular present tense has -e- as its vowel (like работать); the plural persons (мы, вы, они) have -и- and -ят (like говорить). It's not irregular, хотеть is a hybrid!

Listen to the recording at least twice, and read along:

Now, come join us at the tables... Пожалуйста, к столам!

Мини-сочинение! На вторник! Вот задание...

Using the questions below as a guide, write a brief essay (half a page, 8-10 full sentences!) answering the question: Какой у вас дом? The essay is due next Tuesday at the start of class. (You can send it to me by email, if you wish!) I'll correct it, and you'll revise it for your portfolio.We'll work through the exercise tomorrow in class. Remember--this essay carries the same evaluative weight as your quizzes!

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