Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете...

Здравствуйте! Сегодня среда, 19-ое марта. Что нового?? Как жизнь? What's new, how's life?

Take your quiz! On the back, you'll find a few questions to answer after you've listened to this listening exercise, Давайте послушаем! 

The store is called На вкус и свет, which is the beginning of a saying in Russian: На вкус и свет, товарищей нет! When it comes to taste (вкус)  and color (свет), there are no comrades (товарищи)! That's just a way of saying that tastes differ. 

You'll find this vocabulary useful:

When you've completed the listening exercise, have it checked by me or the tutors, then... пожалуйста, к столу! Let's do some work on the verb нравиться, to be pleasing to. 

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