Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN УРОК 9 Unit 9 Week 1 Неделя 1 Elementary Russian Lab (4-25-2018)

Здравствуйте! Как вы поживаете? How do you do?!

Сегодня, давайте послушаем диалоги и ответим на вопросы!

Read along with these two dialogues (you'll find the text on your language lab worksheet).
Первый диалог
Второй диалог

For each dialogue, on your lab worksheet, напишите ответы на следующие вопросы на русском! (Answer the questions in Russian!)... 

Кроме того, in the dialogues, you need to find the Russian that correspond to the English phrases... That's part of your quiz for next Wednesday: Как по-русски будет...

HERE is the Memrise course for the new phrases quiz next Wednesday.

За столами! Just a bit of grammar: The formation and basic use of the INSTRUMENTAL CASE, the case of accompanying and use. It's pretty limited in scope: Mostly you'll encounter it as the case that governs the object of the preposition с (with), as you'll see below:

Я пью кофе с молокОМ и сахарОМ! 
I drink my coffee with milk and sugar! 

Скажите, с чЕМ вы любите бутерброды? 
How do you like you sandwiches?

Я любю бутерброды с сырОМ и с колбасОЙ! Ням!
I love sandwiches with cheese and sausage. 

The noun ending for masculines/neuters is -ом (сыр > сырОМ) and for feminines is -ой (колбаса > колбасОЙ). The interrogatives кто and что become, logically enough, с кем (with whom) and с чем (with what). Note the unsurprising/surprising o/e alteration... 

O, Russian! 

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