Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sports in Russia

Although Russia is certainly a massive country, they have but a mere 150 million people inhabiting their humongous nation. However, this does not prevent them from competing at the highest level in various sports across the world. While football is the most common sport in Russia, members of their lovely, nearly permanently snowed in and cold country play many other sports as well. Russia is well known for having great showing at the Winter Olympics every four years, especially in hockey. In addition to sports where the Russians have a clear advantage (who wouldn't be good at hockey if every time you looked outside you realized it was faster to skate somewhere than to walk there), Russians also have big names and important championships and accomplishments in other, less well known sports. In chess, Russia has won several world championships, consistently performing exceptionally every year relative to the intense competition that the sport provides. All in all, Russia does well in sports, including the one that Dr. Denner mentioned that I can't find online that resembles bowling and cricket or something.

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