Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This Crazy Russian Motorcycle Can Do Pretty Much Anything

          Yeah so I was looking into Russian motorcycles to check out if they had something special. I wanted to write my blog post on perhaps some Russian superbike that was hittin’ moto gp laps like they were nothing. But I think I found something cooler. My search turned up this video, and I had to check it out. Well it’s not just some title to sucker you in, this thing is ridiculous! It’s essentially a mountain goat of a motorcycle; the thing really can practically go anywhere. It handles steep inclines, literally goes up stairs, and manages to navigate its way through completely loose mud that would be an absolute disaster for most other vehicles. It has all wheel drive (okay, only two wheels, but still!), which is highly unique for motorcycles. But that’s not all. It’s apparently light enough to haul around and pick up fairly easily. And that’s still not all! The bike breaks down to fit into the equivalent of a suitcase. This makes transportation clearly quite easy. What a machine!
            This grand piece of work appears to be the brainchild of Russian engineer Alexander Zinin. It would appear it was some form of home project, and he calls it something along the lines of “SUV Suitcase”. It’s pretty easy to see why from the video! What innovation, eh?
            So if you’ve got a second for something cool, or you need a break from some dastardly portfolio-assembling, check out the link for the video below!

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